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It’s almost summer.

Today it is warm outside.

There is a light wind.

Wind is moving air.


We cannot see the wind but we can feel it.

The wind makes the trees move.

We can see the branches and leaves moving.

We can hear the wind rustling, or moving the leaves.


Yesterday it rained.

There was a lot of wind.

It was not safe to go out and play.

The rain was good for the Earth.

Rain helps the trees and flowers grow.


Summer is here!

July is sunny and hot.

Summer can have a lot of rain too.

Which type of weather do you like best?


It’s starting to cool down from the summer heat.

You like warm breezy days.

You can fly your kite in the park.

Breezy means there is a light wind.


The wind pushes the kite high into the sky.

Wind pushes clouds in the sky too.

This can bring rain.

It is cool outside this morning.

By noon it will be warm and breezy.


Brrr!! December is cold.

January is cold.

These winter months bring cold weather.

The air feels dry.

There is not much rain.


March comes at the end of winter.

It can be a windy month.

It is great for flying kites.

There might also be a lot of rain.

It is not too hot or cold.


The weather can change.

It can be windy or calm.

It can be a sunny day or cloudy.

It can be hot or cold.

What will the weather be tomorrow?


Some people jump out of planes.

They fall.

This is sky diving.

A lot of people sky dive.


Planes are pulled to the Earth.

A force pulls them down.

A force is a pull.

This force is gravity.

We do not see it pull.

We can see the effects of it.

Things fall down.


Look at the sky diver.

Do you see him fall?

We do not see gravity.

It is what pulls him down.

What are things that fall?

A ball will fall.

A toy plane falls.

Rain falls.

What things will fly?

The bird can fly.

The bird must land to rest.

Things that fly must still land.

Gravity pulls on the bird.


Gravity can pull over a long way.

It holds the Moon in place.

The Sun has gravity too!

The Earth goes around the Sun.

The Sun holds Earth in place.

The Sun pulls on all the planets.

What if there was no gravity?

We could not play games.

Plant roots would not grow down.


Pour a drink.

What does it do?

It goes down to the cup.

Gravity keeps it there.

Do you have a book on your desk?

What holds it there?

We can throw away trash.

With no gravity, it would float.

That would be bad!

1. What are some things that fall?

2. Why do things fall?

3. How can you stop something from falling?

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