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Lab apparatus list.

  1. Beaker: Used for holding and measuring liquids.

  2. Test tube: Used for holding small amounts of liquids or solids.

  3. Erlenmeyer flask: Used for mixing and heating liquids.

  4. Graduated cylinder: Used for measuring the volume of liquids.

  5. Burette: Used for measuring precise volumes of liquids.

  6. Pipette: Used for transferring small amounts of liquids.

  7. Funnel: Used for pouring liquids into small containers.

  8. Petri dish: Used for growing bacteria and other microorganisms.

  9. Thermometer: Used for measuring temperature.

  10. Balance: Used for weighing materials.

  11. Microscope: Used for magnifying small objects.

  12. Bunsen burner: Used for heating and sterilizing materials.

  13. Hot plate: Used for heating substances in a laboratory.

  14. Stirring rod: Used for stirring liquids.

  15. Filter paper: Used for filtering liquids.

  16. pH meter: Used for measuring the acidity or basicity of a solution.

  17. Centrifuge: Used for separating components of a mixture based on their density.

  18. Incubator: Used for growing cells or microorganisms at a specific temperature.

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