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Mcq on chemistry with answer

1. Which of the following is a noble gas?

a) Helium

b) Oxygen

c) Nitrogen

d) Carbon dioxide

Answer: a) Helium

2. The chemical formula for water is:

a) H2O

b) CO2

c) NaCl

d) CH4

Answer: a) H2O

3. Which of the following metals is most reactive?

a) Gold

b) Silver

c) Sodium

d) Copper

Answer: c) Sodium

4. The process of rusting is:

a) Oxidation

b) Reduction

c) Neutralization

d) Decomposition

Answer: a) Oxidation

5. The pH scale measures the:

a) Acidity or basicity of a solution

b) Temperature of a solution

c) Concentration of a solution

d) Solubility of a solution

Answer: a) Acidity or basicity of a solution

6. Which of the following is an acid?

a) Sodium hydroxide

b) Hydrochloric acid

c) Potassium carbonate

d) Calcium hydroxide

Answer: b) Hydrochloric acid

7. Which of the following is a base?

a) Sulfuric acid

b) Nitric acid

c) Sodium hydroxide

d) Hydrochloric acid

Answer: c) Sodium hydroxide

8. The chemical formula for carbon dioxide is:

a) CO

b) CO2

c) CH4

d) O2

Answer: b) CO2

9. The chemical formula for sodium chloride is:

a) NaCl

b) Na2O

c) NaOH

d) NaHCO3

Answer: a) NaCl

10. The chemical formula for sulfuric acid is:

a) H2SO4

b) HCl

c) HNO3

d) H2CO3

Answer: a) H2SO4

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