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This story contains themes or mentions of mental health issues. Day one: finding your breath. “Take a moment to listen to your breathing,” the recording of Dr. McCourt said, through the car’s speakers. “Don’t try to control it, just feel the air as it enters and exits your nose.” Garry slammed his brakes and his horn. Just like the driver ahead. Just like the driver behind. “Stop fucking honking at me asswipe!” he screamed over his shoulder. He could see the driver behind him, screaming himself red. Look at this guy! What an idiot. Somewhere a light turned green. All the cars lurched forward a metre and then slammed their brakes again. “Move! Move! MOVE!” Therapy was off to a rocky start. *** Day two: the raisin exercise. “Have you ever taken a close look at a raisin?” Dr. McCourt said, through Garry’s earbuds. Garry sat on his bed, holding a single raisin his left hand while prodding it with his right index finger. Christ, I can’t believe I paid money for this. “Take a moment to appreciate how the raisin feels.” That therapist really saw me coming.

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