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Social studies part 3

Updated: Sep 17

Read the source given below and answer the questions by choosing the most

appropriate option:

Grimms’ Fairy Tales is a familiar name in Germany. The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm

Grimm were born in the German city of Hanau. While both of them studied law, they

soon developed an interest in collecting old folktales. They spent six years travelling

from village to village, talking to people and writing down fairy tales, which were handed

down through the generations. These were popular both among children and adults.

In 1812, they published their first collection of tales. Subsequently, both the brothers

became active in liberal politics, especially the movement for freedom of the press. In

the meantime, they also published a 33-volume dictionary of the German language.

The Grimm brothers also saw French domination as a threat to German culture and

believed that the folktales they had collected were expressions of a pure and authentic

German spirit. They considered their projects of collecting folktales and developing the

German language as part of the wider effort to oppose French domination and create a

German national identity.

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