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Water True and False

Updated: Mar 1

Write True False for each statement, Rewrite the false statements 1. River water is the most impure form of water.

2. Use of pesticides in excess, causes water pollution.

3. All living beings contain 10% to 20% of water.

4. Dissolved gases in water are necessary for respiration.

5. Cholera is a disease caused due to water pollution


Write True False for each statement, Rewrite the false statements

1. False (River water is the pure form of water)

2. True

3. False (All living beings contain 70% to 80% of water)

4. True

5. True

  1. Groundwater contains dissolved salt and is free from suspended impurities. Answer :True

  2. The molecules of ice, water and steam are different. Answer :False

  3. Rainwater gets polluted while falling down. Answer :False

  4. Groundwater contains suspended impurities. Answer :False

  5. Digestion of food in the stomach takes place with the help of water. Answer :True

  6. Typhoid is a waterborne disease caused by virus. Answer :False

  7. Trees should be planted as they help in causing rainfall. Answer :True

  8. Flood causes soil erosion. Answer :True


  1. Water helps in excretion . Answer :True

  2. Potable water is not fi t for drinking. Answer :False

  3. With increase in pressure, the boiling point of water decreases. Answer :False

  4. Dissolving a covalent compound like glucose results in a chemical change. Answer :False

  5. Water or any other liquid in which solute dissolves is called solvent. Answer :True

  6. A solution of mixture salt and rock . Answer :False

  7. The rate of formation of water vapour is called evaporation . Answer :True

  8. Water is used as a coolant in power genera Answer :True

  9. The boiling point of water decreases with increase in pressure. Answer :False

  10. A solution is a mixture of solvent and solute . Answer :True

  11. The crystallised water can be easily removed by heat . Answer :True

  12. Magnesium reacts with steam vigorously and forms a red solid of magnesium oxide and hydrogen gas Answer :False

  13. Hard water is not suitable for drinking and cooking purposes. Answer :True

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